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Info about Nalinka
About Nalinka
Owned by Enrico Villa, Nalinka is an Information Technology company based in Milan (Italy).
Since 1999 Nalinka provides its customers with high quality services, mainly in the field of web site development and back-end programming.
Nalinka has some quite unusual features, which may help you understand why we decided to invest time and resources in
  • Biologists and chemists make up more than 70% of our team.
    Of course they are all skilled Information Technology professionals now, but they have not forgotten what Science, Conservation and Education are about.
  • Every individual in our company feels a special love and care for Cetaceans.
  • We reckon Conservation Awareness is nowadays a "must", for both individuals and companies.
    If companies play such an important role in economy and our every day life, should not companies make also a contribution to conservation and education?
    Our little goal (and there are thousands, if not millions of such goals) is to make more and more people care about Cetaceans.
Important Notice
Nalinka is a company, and as such it is meant to make profits.
As a result, (a property of Nalinka) does not feel morally entitled to engage itself in any fund-raising activities.
Instead, we provides free advertisement and web space to officially recognised Non-Profit Organisations working on the field of Cetology, Conservation and Education.
Should you want to make a contribution, they are the guys to address to.
The Nalinka's Staff
  • Enrico Villa (Company Owner)
  • Lorenzo Longatelli (IT Manager)
  • Daniela Rinaldi (Publishing Manager)
  • Dania Tesei (Multimedia Specialist)
  • Stefania Carboni (Illustrations and Graphics)
  • Federico Paolini (Senior Technology Specialist)
  • Alessandra Scolaro (Photography)
  • Sandro Panzeri (Senior Technology Specialist)

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