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  • Members can access, the Member Area. As a Member, you are allowed to choose from a number of content preferences (for example Educational material, Cruises, Cetacean-oriented holidays, Ceacean Events) which will be reflected in the Customised News you see every time you log on to your page.
  • As a Member, you can edit your profile and content preferences at any time in your private Profile Panel. This means you can change your preferences and see different content in real time.
  • Your subscription to Cetacean News (our Newsletter) dramatically changes after you become a Member, as it also includes Special Offers for Whale Watching Trips, Full Holidays and Merchandising. Only the Members of are eligible for such Discounts.
  • is very likely to add more features to the Member Area, based on new ideas and partnerships. As a Member, you will automatically be entitled to take advantage of the new features we are going to introduce.
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